Package Units and AHU

High Efficient package units, from 37 to 400 kW cooling capacity. Options include Reversible Heat Pump units, Energy recovery and economy cycle.

Air cooled package units are available in 3 ranges.

The WORK units are compact rooftop units, with capacities from 37 kW to 198 kW. Options include free cooling with axial low fans or centrifugal fans, high efficiency filters, hot gas post heating and air quality sensors. All units are complete with programmable controllers. These units are available as cooling only or heatpump.

The Wisdom Units are modular rooftop units, with capacities from 33 kW to 355 kW. Options include:

  • mixboxes, free cooling with and without return air fans
  • hot gas post heating, electric heating, hot water heating coil, or heatpump
  • high efficiency filters, electrostatic or rigid bags
  • various return, supply and fresh air opening combinations
  • Steam humidifier

The Whisper units are a full feature roof top unit, with all the features above of the Wisdom units, and the following additional:

  • Variable flow function for VAV systems
  • Inverter driven compressors
  • Heat recovery with plates or enthalpy wheel

NOTE: WORK, WISDOM and WHISPER units are not manufactured anymore. Refer to the new WSM and WRX units.

WSM-T 0082 - 0152
Cooling only air cooled Rooftop unit, fully configurable and high efficiency 23,4 - 55,0 kW

WSM2-T 0264 - 0604
Cooling only air cooled Rooftop unit, fully configurable and high efficiency 81,1 - 182 kW

WRX-T 0162 - 0804
Reversible air cooled fully configurable high efficiency Rooftop units 50,8 - 240 kW

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